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Jeremy Simser

Jeremy has been a professional storyboard artist for over fifteen years, starting his career in Toronto and recently relocating to Vancouver where he took the town by storm! Storyboarding credits include (but are not limited to) The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Titans, Man in the High Castle, Altered Carbon, The Terror, Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories, Deadpool 2 and the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot!

Jeremy also has several upcoming comic book projects including an offshoot comic series for The Ables book series by author Jeremy Scott and the graphic novel Hit Somebody with Kevin Smith.

Jeremy Simser - Deadpool

Jeremy Simser - Wildfire

Jeremy Simser - Supergirl


Marcelo Matere

Marcelo Matere is a freelance artist. He works for many clients, doing package art, Illustrations and concept art for toys and video-games for brands like "Transformers", "Star Wars", "G.I. JOE", Marvel's "Iron Man", "Avengers and many others. Many of you have seen his beautiful art on SDCC and NYCC exclusive covers. He also draws kids books (Happer Collins and Little Brown & Company Books for Young Readers) and Transformers comics (IDW) for the American market. He is constantly working on many projects and loves talking about art, cartoons and giant robots!

Marcelo Matere - SpiderMan-Transformer

Marcelo Matere - Original Sketch Cover

Marcelo Matere - Transformer

Marcelo Matere - Sketchbook 


Stephen Sadowski

Steve has worked for nearly every major comic company, making his name at DC Comics in 1999 with fan favorite 'JSA' with Geoff Johns. Among his diverse credits are such titles as 'The Avengers', 'Avengers/Invaders', 'Fables:Wolf Among Us', 'Red Sonja' and 'Starman'.

His current work; 'The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson' is his first work for Image Comics. He lives in Vancouver, Canada with his partner Tim and his cat, Max.

Stephen Sadowski - Avengers-Invaders

Stephen Sadowski - Spider-Man

Stephen Sadowski - Black Panther

Stephen Sadowski - Hawkman


Verne Andru 

Verne grew up during the dawn of the television era with its wacky worlds of Beatlemania and Bugs Bunny. While he dabbled in music and drawing, it wasn't until he met the crew from Captain Canuck Comics at a high school "career day" that he found his calling. He quickly became the studio pest, dropping by weekly to show off his latest. During this period he created the "Captain Cannabis" character and comic book, the first of many to come.

His career took off with his first paid job - cel painting on "Blowhard," a National Film Board animated short, followed by animation assignments for Hanna Barbera's Saturday morning line-up. He continued in comics illustrating stories for Phantacea, doing ink and colour on Captain Canuck, cover art for Charleton and inking for Marvel.

Working on Nelvana's "Rock & Rule" animated feature Verne bridged old with new - on the one hand he was privileged to work alongside masters Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson, two of Walt Disney's 9 wise men, while at the same time he was designing leading-edge computer-controlled visual effects with Industrial Light and Magic.

Verne then turned his focus to advertising and marketing in Toronto and Vancouver. He provided the creative behind a number of high-tech success stories including 'Simply Accounting,' one of the best selling small business accounting brands, and the successful Pigtronix musical instrument effects. As CEO of Virtual Access he produced a range of content for web and broadcast, including the highly successful "Kid's Club" TV spots for Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA.

Today Verne is using his advanced skills on the release of his Captain Cannabis comic book and film series. Combined with current relaxation of cannabis attitudes, it is destined to become Verne's Ultimate Hit!

Verne Andru - Captain Cannabis

Verne Andru - Charlton Gunfighters 75

Verne Andru - The Circuit 


John Gallagher

Formerly Director of Concept Art at Bioware for a decade 1995-2005 during their golden age, John has lived and worked in Vancouver in the film industry for the last ten years. Since landing in the game, John has worked on a diverse range of genre series and features from Once Upon A Time, Falling Skies and Man In the High Castle to Night at the Museum, Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters and Power Rangers.

Currently illustrating The Flash, Tales from the Loop and Batwoman and freshly wrapped from Titans, The Umbrella Academy, The Twilight Zone, Deadly Class and Lost in Space, John also does variant covers for the big five and designs collectible statues for market. This proud papa enjoys spending downtime with his daughter Rynn, devouring high culture and lowbrow kitsch with equal enthusiasm, good debate, living well and contemplating the nature of all things on the pale blue dot and far beyond.

John Gallagher - Supergirl

John Gallagher - Flash


Jason Copland

Jason Copland is a Vancouver based comic book artist whose work includes Judge Dredd (IDW), What If? (Marvel) and KILL ALL MONSTERS OMNIBUS Vol1, the giant monster vs giant robot OGN from Dark Horse Comics. His work has also been published by BOOM!, Image and many others. He is currently working on his new near future graphic novel, FULL TILT.

Jason Copland - Full Tilt


Diana Greenhalgh

A familiar face to some, Diana is an illustrator and designer in comics, trading cards, film and television.

Known for her movie poster designs for 20th Century Fox, her illustrations for Upper Deck, and her career as a comic book editor and inker, this BC artist has also designed and produced props for television shows including DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

As an illustrator, she also specializes in pinup art, illustrating sexy femme fatales and other fun characters. She produces her own original illustrations, prints, trading cards, and other collectibles.

Diana Greenhalgh - Divinity Factory

Diana Greenhalgh - Upper Deck Cards

Diana Greenhalgh - Deadpool Art


Vancouver Comic & Toy Show will be randomly handing out multiple Gift Cards at the door for use anywhere at the show! Additionally, a $50 or $100 gift card will be raffled every hour between 12:00 - 5:00!

In addition to the multiple Vancouver Comic & Toy Show Gift Cards - Matthew Purdy, owner of Toy Traders has graciously matched Toy Trader Bucks $ for $ on the $50 & $100 cards, to be used on any merchandise at his tables!

VCS Gift Cards

Toy Trader Bucks


The following food trucks will be featured at show: Wings Outdoor Grill, Kafka Coffee, Reel Mac and Cheese, Varinicey Pakoras!


Wings Restaurants & Pubs is a local staple for good times and even better food. Now, they're winging in that same quality food to the outdoors, in their Wings Outdoor Grill food truck.

Although the menu features a wide variety of all American classics, the wings are where it's at. And they are by no means average. Wings Outdoor Grill offers up an impressive 25 homemade sauces to smother their wings in, from sweet Thai and Canadian maple bourbon to savory Tokyo teriyaki and outback BBQ.



Kafka's Coffee on Wheels is a full-service cafe. They serve espresso based drinks, filter coffee, tea, nitro cold brew, lemonade, breakfast sandwiches and pastries fresh from their Great Northern Way location.

Kafka's coffee is roasted weekly to ensure freshness. They brew each cup of coffee and tea individually, and with great care. They precisely prepare their beverages to provide clarity of flavour. Kafka's pastry case is a hand-crafted collection of both savory and sweets that will appeal to anyone's taste buds.

You can expect the same craft on the truck as you would at their cafes.

Kafka Coffee


REEL Mac and cheese offers gourmet, made from scratch macaroni and cheese with a variety of movie themed menu items.

While macaroni and cheese itself is slightly retro they have given it a modern twist with menu offerings such as Slumdog Millionaire that includes curry paste and peas and The Green Mile that is topped with freshly cooked broccoli florets and crispy onions.

They serve up inspired comfort food made from scratch right on the truck. They start with real butter, add whole milk, select spices and seven different cheeses, the result is creamy deliciousness.

Reel Mac and Cheese


Varinicey Pakoras make eating vegetables a delicious experience, they make the freshest vegetable pakoras in the land!

They offer delightful pakoras, in a plethora of flavors. Try their newest offering the "Mushroom Bomb", or the "Going Back to Cauli". Or enjoy everyone's favorite, the "OG" or their delicious "Extreme Beet". They have three delicious sauces to accompany their fresh pakoras.

Varinicey Pakoras also serve hot or iced chai, and various smoothies. Their house made lassi is available in two flavours, the mango/coconut or raspberry/coconut, always served cold. Try a chai shot or cup, to warm up.

Varinicey Pakoras


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