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APRIL 6th & 7th, 2024 GUESTS:


For the first time ever at the Vancouver Comic & Toy Show, CGC is excited to be accepting comics and video games, as well as sports cards and TCGs - through their official submission center Grosnor Distribution Inc.

Contact to prefill out a submission form. In addition CGC will also be authenticating signatures done by the scheduled Guests at the April 6 & 7 Show.

CGC Certified Guaranty Company


501st Legion Pic 1

Defeat the Dark Side of hunger with your donations to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank!

Come join in on the fun at the 501st Legion Photo Op Charity Booth!

In a Galaxy not so far away happening at the VCTS both Saturday & Sunday!

The 501st Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans!

501st Legion Pic 2


Francine Delgado

Francine Delgado (art) is a Costa Rican/Canadian artist who works both in the animation industry and as a comic book artist. Known for her work with Marvel Upper Deck's Legendary Black Widow and cover art for TMNT/IDW, Mad Cave, she has also contributed sequential art to projects like The Addams Family: Charlatan’s Web (IDW) and Glarien: Short and Deadly. Francine has worked on films such as The Addams Family, Barbie: It Takes Two, and more.

Francine Delgado - Pic 01

Francine Delgado - Pic 02

Francine Delgado - Pic 03

Francine Delgado - Pic 04


James Lloyd 

James Lloyd is a Vancouver cartoonist best known as the regular artist on the Futurama Comics title, for which he provided pencils from the beginning of its run until its final issue in 2018.

He has since contributed to comic projects for First Second books and Boom! Comics, and remains true to his small-press roots with several new self-published releases.

He has worked in Vancouver’s animation industry since the mid-90’s, returning recently on the revamped Rocky & Bullwinkle series, and as background supervisor on Summer Memories, now airing on Family Channel.

James has also been involved with Langara College’s Graphic Novel and Comix program as an instructor since 2017, and has held presentations, workshops & mentorship programs throughout his twenty years plus of drawing professionally. He hopes you like comics as much as he does.

James Lloyd - Art Pic 1

es Lloyd - Art Pic 2

James Lloyd - Art Pic 3

James Lloyd - Art Pic 4 

James Lloyd - Art Pic 5 


James Hanson

James Hanson is one of Canada‘s greatest Magicians. Professional magician for over 30 years. James had an unusual origin story growing up in Nova Scotia. Magic and magic shops were less than available until James met his lifelong mentor, wizard magician, Dave Moon, hired directly out of high school to do theme parks. It wasn’t long before James was touring internationally. Having performed award winning magic in Japan, Florida, Bermuda, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. For celebrities and royalty. James is eagerly poised and excited to perform super hero type stunts and challenges at the Vancouver Comic & Toy Show for the entire family to enjoy.

James Hanson - Pic 01

James Hanson - Pic 02

James Hanson - Pic 03

James Hanson - Pic 04


Cole Pauls

Cole Pauls is a Champagne and Aishihik Citizen and Tahltan comic artist, illustrator, and printmaker hailing from Haines Junction (Yukon Territory). He holds a BFA in Illustration from Emily Carr University. Residing in Vancouver, Pauls has created three graphic novels: Dakwäkãda Warriors (2019), Pizza Punks (2021) and Kwändür (2022). In 2017, Pauls won Broken Pencil Magazine’s Best Comic and Best Zine of the Year Award for Dakwäkãda Warriors II. In 2020, Dakwäkãda Warriors won Best Work in an Indigenous Language from the Indigenous Voices Awards and was nominated for the Doug Wright Award categories The Egghead & The Nipper. In 2022, Artspeak gallery, Vancouver, held the first solo exhibition of Pauls’ work, Dazhän Kwändür ch’e (This is a Story).

Cole Pauls - Art Pic 01

Cole Pauls - Art Pic 02

Cole Pauls - Art Pic 03

Cole Pauls - Art Pic 04


George Michail

George Michail is a comic book writer hailing from Kelowna, BC, Canada. A lifelong fan of funny books, he spends his days making creator-owned comics. His award winning series (2021 BEST COMIC - Sequential Magazine) RESILIENT is available now from Absolute Comics Group and his horror/fantasy comic, COVER OF DARKNESS, is published by Source Point Press. Currently, George is working on FANTASY QUEST, illustrated by Rags Morales.

George Michail - Art Pic 01

George Michail - Art Pic 02

George Michail - Art Pic 03

George Michail - Art Pic 04


Ryan Heshka

Ryan Heshka was born in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, and grew up in Winnipeg. To pass the long prairie winters, his childhood was spent drawing, building cardboard cities and making super 8mm films. Early influences that persist to this day include antiquated comics and pulp magazines, nature, graphic design, music, movies and animation. Formally trained in interior design, he is self-taught as an artist. Heshka's personal artwork has graced the cover and interiors of BLAB! magazine and numerous art publications around the globe. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries across North America and Europe, and many pieces reside in prominent international private collections. Recent published comics include "Frog Wife", the "Mean Girls Club" comic book and graphic novel (Nobrow, UK) and the BRAND NEW "Pleasure Planet". His illustration work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Playboy, Esquire, the New York Times and the New Yorker. He lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada with his wife Marinda and their daughter Roxy.

Ryan Heshka - Art 1

Ryan Heshka - Art 2

Ryan Heshka - Art 3

Ryan Heshka - Art 4

Ryan Heshka - Art 5


Ryan Heshka - Art 6

Ryan Heshka - Art 7


Verne Andru 

Verne grew up during the dawn of the television era with its wacky worlds of Beatlemania, Bugs Bunny and the Fabulous Furry Freak Bros.

While he dabbled in music and drawing, it wasn't until he met the crew from Captain Canuck Comics at a high school "career day" that he found his calling. He quickly became the studio pest, dropping by weekly to show off his latest. During this period he created the "Captain Cannabis" character and comic book, the first of many to come.

His career took off with his first paid job - cel painting on "Blowhard," a National Film Board animated short, followed by animation assignments for Hanna Barbera's Saturday morning line-up. He continued in comics illustrating stories for Phantacea, doing ink and colour on Captain Canuck, cover art for Charleton and inking for Marvel.

Working on Nelvana's "Rock & Rule" animated feature Verne bridged old with new - on the one hand he was privileged to work alongside masters Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson, two of Walt Disney's 9 wise men, while at the same time he was designing leading-edge computer-controlled visual effects with Industrial Light and Magic.

Verne then turned his focus to advertising and marketing in Toronto and Vancouver. He provided the creative behind a number of high-tech success stories including 'Simply Accounting,' one of the best selling small business accounting brands, and the successful Pigtronix musical instrument effects. As CEO of Virtual Access he produced a range of content for web and broadcast, including the highly successful "Kid's Club" TV spots for Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA.

Today Verne is focusing his advanced skills on the release of his Captain Cannabis comic book and film series that are destined to become his Ultimate Hit!

For more information:

Verne Andru - Art 1

Verne Andru - Art 2

Verne Andru - Art 3

Verne Andru - Art 4 

Verne Andru - Art 5



LOADS of Vancouver Comic & Toy Show $25 and $50 Gift Cards for use anywhere at the Show to be Mystery Bag drawn during the Pre-show Line-up on Both Days! Plus Multiple Gift Cards for use anywhere at the Show to be randomly handed out at the door Both Days!

Ages Three And Up Toy Store will be matching VCTS $25 & $50 Prize Bucks $ for $ in the Mystery Bag draw on Both Days! For use on any merchandise at their Show Tables and / or Store or Warehouse locations - in person or Online!

VCS Door Prizes

VCS - Ages 3 and Up Matching Prizes


A message to all Vancouver Comic & Toy Show Attendees!!

For the 1st time ever at the VCTS all attendees will be eligible to purchase raffle tickets for an online 50/50 draw with half the winnings going to one lucky winner and the other half going to the GVFB!! Please note C/C only accepted for the draw as per the BC gaming rules.

For more information please visit the GVFB announcement page here:

If you would like to participate in the 50/50 draw and/or donate $ to this very important charity, they will be located in the Front Lobby & also at the Star Wars photo booth!

PLEASE NOTE: The Greater Vancouver Food Bank does not accept Food Donations anymore due to Unhealthy Food Donations (non-nutritive food donated a lot of the time) / Better Buying Power ($$ go 2:1 further) & Labour Intensive Logistics (30% of food received is spoiled.)

Let's all Give A Little Bit together to those in need!

Vancouver Food Bank



Forum Cafe offers a variety of deli style entrees, snacks and beverages.

PNE Forum Cafe


The following food trucks will be featured at the show:

Reel Mac and Cheese, Wings Outdoor Grill, Mom's Grilled Cheese & Twisted Potato!


REEL Mac and cheese offers gourmet, made fresh on the truck macaroni and cheese with seven cheeses, and a variety of movie themed menu items.

While macaroni and cheese itself is slightly retro they have given it a modern twist with menu offerings such as Slumdog Millionaire that includes curry paste and peas and The Green Mile that is topped with freshly cooked broccoli florets and crispy onions.

They serve up inspired comfort food made from scratch right on the truck. They start with real butter, add whole milk, select spices and seven different cheeses, the result is creamy deliciousness.

All yummy, all the time!

Reel Mac and Cheese



Wings Restaurants & Pubs is a local staple for good times and even better food. Now, they're winging in that same quality food to the outdoors, in their Wings Outdoor Grill food truck.

Although the menu features a wide variety of all American classics, the fresh never frozen wings are where it's at. And they are by no means average. Wings Outdoor Grill offers up over 20 impressive homemade sauces and rubs to smother their wings in, from sweet Thai and Canadian maple bourbon to savory Tokyo teriyaki and outback BBQ.

All created with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Wings Outdoor Grill Pic 1

Wings Outdoor Grill Pic 2


Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck serves classic home style gourmet grilled cheese, soups and other comfort foods... like Mom used to make.

Mom's Gilled Cheese Pic 1

Mom's Gilled Cheese Pic 2


Twisted Potato is a spiral shaped potato deep fried to perfection, served on a skewer and deliciously flavored with the seasoning/s of your choice.

Seasonings include cheese, ketchup, sour cream, bbq, cinnamon sugar, honey mustard, sea salt and hot pepper.

Crispy on the outside while soft on the inside, a local favourite!

Twisted Potato Pic 1

Twisted Potato Pic 2

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