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APRIL 1st & 2nd, 2023 GUESTS:


501st Legion Pic 1

Defeat the Dark Side of hunger with your donations to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank!

Come join in on the fun at the 501st Legion Photo Op Charity Booth!

In a Galaxy not so far away happening at the VCTS both Saturday & Sunday!

The 501st Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans!

501st Legion Pic 2


Jonathan Paine

Jonathan Paine is an award-winning Illustrator, Character Sculptor & Toymaker. His fun, memo-rable work has been seen in the Oscar Winning films, THE INCREDIBLES, RATATOUILLE and UP as well as the Oscar nominated CARS, ICE AGE, LIFTED and BOUNDIN'. He has over 10 years of Feature Animation production experience and worked on The Muppet Show by The Jim Henson Company. Film clients include: Pixar Animation Studios, and BlueSky Studios/20th Century Fox Animation.

Jonathan has also created whimsical toys that include a series of STAR TREK saving banks and talking lunch boxes. In 1995 actress Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek Voyager) gave a Ferengi alien character lunch box to comedian and host, Jon Stewart during her interview on The Jon Stewart Show. Toy product clients include: Disney Consumer products, Warner Bros., Thinkway Toys and Kraft General Foods. Jonathan is currently celebrating the launch of his original bath tub toys called The Classic Monsters Collection! See this and more on his website.

Jonathan enjoys teaching and has taught privately and at various schools in Vancouver including VFS, Think Tank Training Centre, and Pixar University in Emeryville California.

Sausage Party (2016)
The Incredibles (2004) - Oscar winner
Cars (2006) - Oscar nominated
Ratatouille (2007) - Oscar winner
Up (2009) - Oscar winner
Space Chimps (2008)
Ice Age (2002) - Oscar nominated
Boundin' (2003) - Oscar nominated
One Man Band (2005) - Oscar nominated
Lifted (2006) - Oscar nominated

Disney Consumer Products
Warner Bros.
Thinkway Toys
Graphitti Designs
Kraft General Foods


Jonathan Paine - Art 1

Jonathan Paine - Art 2

Jonathan Paine - Art 3

Jonathan Paine - Art 4

Jonathan Paine - Art 5

Jonathan Paine And Kermie


Andy Poon

Andy Poon has been working as art director, visual development artist for almost 20 years years in animation, live action and the toy industry. He is currently the studio Art Director at Bardel Entertainment which their latest involvements including Emmy Award winning 'The Dragon Prince' and 'Rick and Morty' . Andy continues to remain active as a conceptual illustrator for live action entertainment such as Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2, The Predators, Arrow, The Flash and many other Vancouver productions. With the experiences of the industry and the passion to expand his creativity and vision, Andy is currently developing his own show ideas.

Andy Poon - Art


John Gallagher

At Uncannyknack Comics we're fans first. To this day that fandom has stayed consistent and diverse. John Gallagher built a reputation in the collector community for his brand of variant covers so it only seemed fitting that opening a personal imprint was the next step. Together with his two partners Scoott Rohan and Peter Turcotte (owner of local store Big Pete's Collectibles) we specialize in the indie and creator owned variant space, far from the overcrowded superhero market, providing covers for all genre material. We have a simple rule: It has to be a cover we'd want ourselves before we'd ever think of selling it to anyone and that will never change. Drop by our sales table and see what we have. John will be signing and remarking new and catalogue drops from 11 - 2.

Link to store:

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 1

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 2

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 3

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 4

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 5



Dylan Moore

Dylan started working as a freelance cartoonist in high school and began animating soon after. In Vancouver studios he's done everything from effects on animated commercials to lead animation on various TV shows. Independently, he's animated music videos, promos, and animated segments in live features and now also teaches at Vancouver Film School. Under his banner, Outhouse Cartoons, he wrote and directed the feature-length animated films, "The Case of the Midnight Murderer," and "The Snot That Ate Port Harry." As a comicbook artist/creator he's behind the webcomic "Cowman," the graphic novel, "Sex Drugs and Candy Canes: The Santa Claus Story," the annual horror comic anthology series, "Stories to Shock," and the current ongoing series "Combat Fairies."


Dylan Moore - Art 1

Dylan Moore - Art 2

Dylan Moore - Art 3



Seraji is a local Vancouver cartoonist and illustrator who creates, writes, and draws his self-published comic series, FOURTH DIMENSIONAL.

When he's not drawing or reading comics, Seraji can be found chuckling at funny monkey videos. Orangutan ASMR is a personal favourite of his.

Find him at his table and check out his social media for drawing process videos!

Instagram: @serajiart

Seraji - Art 1

Seraji - Art 2

Seraji - Art 3

Seraji - Art 4

Seraji - Art 5


John Ward

John is a Vancouver-based writer, filmmaker, and podcaster. His recent comic book credits include Scratcher, Acausal, Dark Fragments, and Offbeats, and he has stories published in several anthologies. He's a contributing writer for the indie comics publication Sequential Magazine, and also the creator of the 49 Degrees North Writers Podcast. Previously he was a theoretical physicist and was once almost run over by Stephen Hawking.

John Ward - Art 1

John Ward - Art 2

John Ward - Art 3


Aaron Buck 

*Note: Aaron Buck will not be selling his one off AI art book at the Vancouver Comic & Toy Show*

Since 2019, Aaron Buck has continued to make his mark among self-published authors in the Canadian book scene. In that short span, he's published five books on Amazon, which can also be found on the shelves at Indigo on Robson in downtown Vancouver.

Each of his four children's books will be featured at the show and offer something different and original:

"Mind of Cities" is an art book filled with fifteen hand-drawn, highly detailed fantasy cities each with their own short story which have hidden words that point to secrets to find in the cities themselves. You could say it's an art book, a story book and puzzle book all wrapped up in one!

"Operation: Rainfall": There's much more to rain than you think. Up in the clouds, each raindrop has its own story. They're born to do one thing: Rain. This is the story of one little raindrop who was smaller than the rest but determined to make it pour.

"Planets Unite": One sun. Eight planets. One dwarf planet. What do they all have in common? Not much, except for the fact that one gigantic comet is threatening their very lives. Will they be able to put their differences aside and come together to save the Solar System? "Planets Unite" tells a fun story that children will enjoy while also teaching them about the planets in our Solar System.

"The King and the Very Big Ring": This King can just never have enough of anything. Whether it's a ring so big he needs servants to carry it to ordering his people to build him a mountain of ice cream for him to ski on - anything is possible in this silly story of a self-centered King who goes on a journey to find the biggest ring of them all.

When you're at the show, make sure to check out the "Ideas by Aaron" table!

Aaron Buck - Four Books 


Verne Andru 

Born in 1955, he grew up in the dawn of the television era with its wacky worlds of Beatle mania and Bugs Bunny. While he dabbled in music and drawing, it wasn't until he met the crew from Captain Canuck Comics at a high school "career day" that he found his calling. He quickly became the studio pest, dropping by weekly to show off his latest and get a much-needed serving of humble pie.

Out of high school he took a job with Canadian Pacific Railway where he set about to learn the fine art of comic book illustrating, partially to help stay awake during the night shift. His career got a boost with his first paid job - cel painting on "Blowhard", a National Film Board animated short. This was followed by animation assignments for Hanna Barberra's Saturday morning lineup. At the same time, he continued working in comics, illustrating stories for Phantacea, doing ink and color on Captain Canuck and cover art for Charleton Comics Group.

During a feature assignment on Nelvana's "Rock and Rule", he worked with a leading special effects team and became intrigued with the opportunities computers held for fantasy creators. Upon completing that project he attended college, graduating on the honor roll a few years later as a computer systems specialist.

Given the state of technology in the 1980's, it would take another decade for it to catch up to Verne's vision. He spent that time teaching computer sciences as well as doing creative, design and advertising in Toronto and Vancouver. He provided the creative behind a number of high-tech success stories including "Simply Accounting", a brand that remains the best selling small business accounting software to this day.

Verne has always been on the leading edge, applying new technology in novel ways. Desktop publishing replaced traditional typesetting and pre-press. He pioneered digital paint for location and character color styling on animated series work. His state-of-the-art desktop animation system produces a range of content for web and broadcast, including the highly successful Kid's Club spots for Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA.

Verne creates best in Vancouver where he enjoys life with family and music.

Partial List of Credits:

Captain Canuck Comics - Inks and color on Captain Canuck comic books.

Chameleon Records/ Wexford Studios - Painting and illustration for various record album jackets.

Charlton Publications Inc. - Cover pencils and inks for "Gunfighters" comic book.

CREDO Group - Ink and paint on "Blowhart" animated short.

Debek Educational Video - Illustrated video stills for "Johnny Appleseed" and "Josephs Multicolored Coat"

Delaney & Friends - Layouts on "Nilus the Sandman" animated TV series.

Hanna Barberra Films - Animation on "Jana of the Jungle" and "Godzilla Power Hour" animated TV series.

Hanna Barberra Films - Layouts on "I am Weasel" animated TV series.

IKEA Seattle - Producer/director on "Flaxy" TV commercials.

International Rocketship - Ink and paint on "Sing Beast Sing" animated short.

N.O.A. Network of Animation - Background color styling for "Billy the Cat" and "Mutant League" animated TV series.

Nelvana Animated Commercials - Animation for Philishave "Lift and Cut" TV commercial.

Nelvana Films Ltd. - Storyboard, design and layout on feature length animated film "Rock n Rule".

Pillow People - Storyboards and designs for "Pillow People" animated TV series.

Universal Cartoon Studios - Storyboards for "Wing Commander" animated TV series.

Westworld Publications - Magazine illustrations.

A comprehensive on-line gallery of Verne's work is available at:


Amazon Author:

Verne Andru - Art 1 

Verne Andru - Art 2 

Verne Andru - Art 3 

Verne Andru - Art 4 


Randy Stone

Randy Stone has either written, drawn, inked, or lettered various comics, including projects with Scout Comics and Arcana. Through Altruist Comics, Randy has self-published The Sensational Swan, Crime Pays, Death & Comics, Bullet, and the brand-new, ongoing Bullet Adventures.

Randy Stone he/him
Publisher of Altruist Comics
Making the world better...with comics!

Randy Stone - Art 1

Randy Stone - Art 2

Randy Stone - Art 3

Randy Stone - Art 4

Randy Stone - Art 5


Multiple Vancouver Comic & Toy Show $50 and $100 Gift Cards for use anywhere at the Show to be Mystery Bag drawn during the Pre-show Line-up on Both Days! Plus Multiple Gift Cards for use anywhere at the Show to be randomly handed out at the door Both Days!

Ages Three And Up Toy Store will be matching VCTS $50 & $100 Prize Bucks $ for $ in the Mystery Bag draw on Both Days! For use on any merchandise at their Show Tables and / or Store or Warehouse locations - in person or Online!

VCS Door Prizes

VCS - Ages 3 and Up Matching Prizes


A message to all Vancouver Comic & Toy Show Attendees!!

PLEASE NOTE: The Greater Vancouver Food Bank does not accept Food Donations anymore due to Unhealthy Food Donations (non-nutritive food donated a lot of the time) / Better Buying Power ($$ go 2:1 further) & Labour Intensive Logistics (30% of food received is spoiled.)

If you would like to donate $ to this very important charity they will be located in the Front Lobby.

Let's all Give A Little Bit together to those in need!

Vancouver Food Bank



Forum Cafe offers a variety of deli style entrees, snacks and beverages.

PNE Forum Cafe


The following food trucks will be featured at show:

Saturday - Reel Mac and Cheese, Japadog & WakWak!

Sunday - Reel Mac and Cheese, Japadog, Shameless Buns, WakWak & Kona Ice!


REEL Mac and cheese offers gourmet, made fresh on the truck macaroni and cheese with seven cheeses, and a variety of movie themed menu items.

While macaroni and cheese itself is slightly retro they have given it a modern twist with menu offerings such as Slumdog Millionaire that includes curry paste and peas and The Green Mile that is topped with freshly cooked broccoli florets and crispy onions.

They serve up inspired comfort food made from scratch right on the truck. They start with real butter, add whole milk, select spices and seven different cheeses, the result is creamy deliciousness.

All yummy, all the time!

Reel Mac and Cheese




JAPADOG is an award-winning hot dog stand in the Greater Vancouver. JAPADOG has gotten attention as unique savory hotdogs that are combined with authentic Japanese taste.

Their reputation has rapidly increased by word of mouth from customers including celebrities, athletes and world-famous medias that made them famous as an iconic hotdog stand in Vancouver.

JAPADOG'S mission is making the world happy and alive through hot dogs!

JAPADOG Food Truck



This popular Japanese-fusion food truck offers great beef burgers with standard & Japanese variations. Made with fresh hand-formed patties.

Delicious finger-licking teriyaki glazed cheeseburgers, add fries and a drink and your set.

It's not your usual fast-food joint!

WakWak Food Truck



Vancouver's funkiest Filipino inspired food brand, specializing in creative and delicious sandwiches, loaded fries, house made sauces and the occasional wacky creation.

Shameless Buns Food Truck



Kona Ice is mobile, fun and stocked with the most delicious flavors you've ever tasted!

Need a moment of pure bliss? Kona Ice has you covered. Let their sweet tunes sweep you away to an island in the middle of the ocean. And while you're there, kick up your feet and enjoy a nice cup of premium shaved ice!

Kona Shaved Ice Truck

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