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TOY SHOW #24 IS: OCTOBER 21st & 22nd, 2023.


Tickets: Are now on Sale for the October 21st & 22nd Vancouver Comic & Toy Show. To purchase tickets scan the QR code on bottom of the flyer, or click the link below:

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Special Guests: 501st Legion, Colin Lorimer, Crumbs, Katy DeCobray, John Galagher & Team Crubs: Jessy Nelson, Kyle Siemens + Mary Madison Silvas, Robin Thompson, Marcelo Matere & More To Be Announced.

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Vancouver Comic and Toy Show 24.

OCTOBER 21st & 22nd, 2023 GUESTS:


501st Legion Pic 1

Defeat the Dark Side of hunger with your donations to the Grater Vancouver Food Bank!

Come join in on the fun at the 501st Legion Photo Op Charity Booth!

In a Galaxy not so far away happening at the VCTS both Saturday & Sunday!

The 501st Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans!

501st Legion Pic 2


Colin Lorimer

Colin Lorimer is a Vancouver-based comic book writer, artist and illustrator. He has published Daisy and UXB through Dark Horse Comics, and The Hunt, through Image Comics. He has also co-created and collaborated on other projects such as Harvest for Image Comics; Curse, Burning Fields, and Hellraiser for Boom! Studios; and The X-files and Millennium for IDW Publishing. Colin was also invited by Titan Comics to help craft a new comic series in celebration of The Prisoner TV series 50th anniversary. Colin divides his time between comics and working in film and TV as a story and conceptual artist for numerous clients. Projects include HBO’s The Last of Us and James Gunn’s Peacemaker. Colin has also been hired by the gaming company Naughty Dog to work on their TLOU multiplayer Factions and help develop their latest IP. Colin resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. Follow Colin on Twitter as @Colin_Lorimer and Instagram as @colin_lorimer .

Colin Lorimer Art Pic 01

Colin Lorimer Art Pic 02

Colin Lorimer Art Pic 03

Colin Lorimer Art Pic 04

Colin Lorimer Art Pic 05

Colin Lorimer Art Pic 06

Colin Lorimer Art Pic 07

Colin Lorimer Art Pic 08

Colin Lorimer Art Pic 09

Colin Lorimer Art Pic 10

Colin Lorimer Art Pic 11

Colin Lorimer Art Pic 12


Crumbs Cover

Meet the creative team behind the brand new horror independent comic "Crumbs" this October at the Vancouver Comic & Toy Show! Writers Jessey Nelson & Kyle Siemens along with artist Mary Madison Silvas will be showcasing their very first comic book - CRUMBS. Crumbs was adapted from Jessey Nelson's short film and is the story of a young boy named Shylo and his imaginary monster.

Jessey Nelson


Jessey Nelson is a Canadian-born filmmaker from Vancouver, BC. He is a multi-talented artist, working as a director, writer, producer, and actor. Jessey is best known for his short film Crumbs, (co-directed with his brother Cody) which was selected by the Crazy8s Film Society in 2021, and adapted into this comic book. In 2019, Jessey co-founded the Smashed Potato Kids sketch comedy crew.

Recently, Jessey teamed up with filmmaker Dani Barker to release their current short film, AI Artist, which was selected as a Top 10 Finalist at the Runway AI Film Festival. After receiving positive feedback and encouragement to create more, they are developing AI Artist into a web series.

Kyle Siemens


Kyle Siemens is currently travelling the world, supporting himself with writing. Yup, it's possible! He co-wrote Crumbs (mostly in an apartment in Morocco), a bunch of other screenplays, and is currently writing a fantasy graphic novel for young people about how to find meaning in life. He writes about all this on his website, which is his name with a "dot com" at the end. Fancy!

Mary Madison Silvas\


What began as a simple love for westerns and animals turned into a life-long passion to become a professional storyteller. Mary "Madison" Silvas is a Southern California based illustrator with a wide variety of talents and mediums. Predominantly working in digital inking and traditional pencil work, Madison has expanded her skill to include acrylics, watercolor, traditional inking, and when she has to sit in the car for a while, knitting. Her love of sequential art began when she was a storyboard artist for a couple of student films at Brooks Institute of Photography, and soon branched out into writing and drawing her own graphic novels.

The incredible opportunity to work on Crumbs opens several new doors for her as she continues to hone her skills, explore different techniques, and hopefully one day soon, poblish her own stories. She also hopes she can be proof that dreams are meant to be chased, no matter how hopeless it may seem.


Katy DeCobray

Artist, cosplayer, and adorkable badass.

Based in Vancouver BC, Canada, Katy DeCobray's origins are shrouded in mystery and rumour. She first appeared at San Diego Comic Con in 2009 and has been entertaining fans at conventions across the West coast ever since.

Katy DeCobray is a master of intrigue and disguise, creating costumes that draw from a variety of sources from comic books to anime and video games, although she has a particular penchant for personating villains in tight black spandex and impossibly high heels.

You will most likely find her in the center of attention, nerding up your selfies, and cursing her poor choices in footwear.

You can contact her via email and the following social media accounts:
Instagram: @katydecobray
Twitter: @katydecobray

Katy DeCobray - Pic 1

Katy DeCobray - Pic 2

Katy DeCobray - Pic 3


John Gallagher

At Uncannyknack Comics we're fans first. To this day that fandom has stayed consistent and diverse. John Gallagher built a reputation in the collector community for his brand of variant covers so it only seemed fitting that opening a personal imprint was the next step. Together with his two partners Scoott Rohan and Peter Turcotte (owner of local store Big Pete's Collectibles) we specialize in the indie and creator owned variant space, far from the overcrowded superhero market, providing covers for all genre material. We have a simple rule: It has to be a cover we'd want ourselves before we'd ever think of selling it to anyone and that will never change. Drop by our sales table and see what we have. John will be signing and remarking new and catalogue drops from 11 - 2.

Link to store:

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 1

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 2

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 3

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 4

Uncannyknack Comics Pic 5



Robin Thompson

Robin Thompson is an independent comic book illustrator and frequent guest for the Vancouver Comic and Toy Show. He has a 25 year history as an arts instructor, whith a lengthy tenure at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

His freelancing illustration experience includes storyboading for film and television, graphic design, and interior mural work for seasonal attractions (Cougar Creek's House fo Horrors). Lending his extensive knowledge of the comic book medium, Robin has been a guest speaker for the Vancouver Art Gallery's renowned "Krazy!" and "COMIX:A Retrospective of Comic Art" exhibits.

Attending annual artistic exhibitions across the mainland, Robin brings his unique brand of artwork to each event exclusively with original "pocket art", his world hamous mystery bags, and comic book sketch covers.

You can check out Robin's work at



Art Samples


Marcelo Matere

With over 20 years working as an Illustrator and Concept Artist, Marcelo Matere has the job that every child has always dreamed of: he creates giant robots for toy lines, video games, t-shirts and movies! Among its main clients are: Hasbro, Marvel, IDW Publishing, Wizards the Coast, Cartoon Network, Disney Animation, Dreamworks and many others! He has also been illustrating Transformers comics for the American market since 2004! Marcelo is currently working as Storyboard Artist for the Toy Company Super Plastic and is also one of the artists responsible for the packaging art of the Hasbro’s Transformers Studio Series 86 characters, based on the 1986 Transformers Animated Cartoon.

Marcelo Matere New Art Pic

Marcelo Matere 2022 Pic 0

Marcelo Matere 2022 Pic 1

Marcelo Matere 2022 Pic 2

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